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Piano Lessons with Shawna Osa
Piano Lessons with Shawna Osa
Piano Lessons with Shawna Osa
Playing for Others

Students are encouraged to play for any type of audience whenever the opportunity arises.  Playing for church, school and for family are some good examples.

Recitals and Workshops

We plan a Christmas recital for early December.  This provides students the opportunity to showcase their skills playing holiday selections. 

Student workshops are held in the summer.  Students will have the opportunity to play for other students and participate in a an interactive session where a musical topic is explored.

Parental Support

The discipline of practice needs to be encouraged by parents.

Parents are a vital part of the overall success of piano study.  Like any habit, this takes time and positive reinforcement.  This is where parental support is essential.  Parents can facilitate the learning process by bringing their child to their lesson on time with all necessary books and by providing a working piano at home. When practicing at home, it is important to maintain a study atmosphere and minimize distractions.

Encourage daily practice and participate in recitals and workshops.  

Piano Lessons with Shawna Osa
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